Frequently Asked Questions

  • 16 years old to fly the helicopter or aeroplane solo
  • 17 years old to get a Private Pilot licence
  • 18 years old to get a Commercial pilot licence
  • No less than 50 hours of total flight time, average person takes between 50-65 hours
  • That will depend on your schedule, budget, dedication and effort
  • Full time students can obtain their licence within 2 - 3 months
  • All our helicopter and aeroplane training is done on a one-on-one basis and we will customise your training schedule to your desired path

  • Helicopters have individual seat limits. Most students learn to fly on Robinson 22’s and 44’s
  • Robinson 22 helicopter ~ 109kg / 240lbs seat limit
  • Robinson 44 helicopter ~ 136kg / 300lbs seat limit

  • In order to fly a specific type of helicopter or aeroplane, a rating/conversion needs to be done on that helicopter or aeroplane which usually takes between 4-6 hours of flying
  • There are NO formal educational requirements to become a Helicopter or Aeroplane Pilot
  • Students will however need to be able to speak, read and write in English
  • Most healthy people with no major health issues can be trained to fly Helicopters or Aeroplanes
  • Some exceptions are people with certain physical or mental disabilities

You may start today!

We recommend that you book an introductory flight lesson with us to get a good feel and understanding of the aircraft, as well as to meet our team and take a tour of our facilities. We will then structure your training program around you, apply for your student pilots licence and from there the sky is your new home.

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